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Commercial Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies in myriad sectors rely on Green Street to help define overall investment strategies as they seek to execute on the most promising real estate opportunities. Clients use our unique insights to:

  • Understand sector, market and macro trends to guide sector allocation and other long-term investment strategies.
  • More thoroughly gauge an investment’s risk and return profile leveraging unbiased information and timely analysis.
  • Gain an informational edge using pricing disparities in private and public markets to better anticipate changes in market conditions.
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Green Street Data & Analytics
can help you:

Drive strategies with differentiated perspective on major trends (ecommerce and other disruptors, oil pricing, currency, cap-ex, interest rates)

Heard on the BeachPDF

Use public market signals to better understand market conditions, the outlook for property values, and activity in the auction tent

Commercial Property OutlookPDF

Optimize acquisition/disposition decisions with our trusted valuation and cap rate data at the sector and market level

Quickly identify sector and market opportunities with Green Street proprietary rankings

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Benchmark your portfolio and capabilities against best-in-class public peers

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Gain insights from industry leaders through conference calls, webinars and events

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The top institutional investors rely on Green Street research

Over 800 reports published annually, covering more than 14 property sectors and 50+ markets

Institutional Quality

Millions of data points and powerful analytical tools at your fingertips

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To inquire about becoming a client, or if you have any questions about any of our products and services, please contact Sales at +1 (949) 640-8780 or follow the link below and complete our online form.

To become a client or learn more about how our service offerings can benefit you, please call our sales team at +44 (0)20 3793 7000 or follow the link below and complete our online form.

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