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Retail Investment

Retailers use Green Street’s research to identify incremental opportunities, evaluate performance, and better understand the competitive landscape.

  • Optimize store location strategies by integrating proprietary mall and market grades into sales forecasts for a clearer picture of a location’s revenue potential.
  • Evaluate the competition based on the concentration/saturation of retailers and retailer categories at specific properties and markets
  • Understand market conditions with an extensive bank of ongoing research that evaluates key rent, occupancy, and demographic trends.
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Green Street expertise
can help retailers:

Improve store placement through better evaluations of malls using Green Street’s proprietary Mall Quality Grades, Trade Area Power (“TAP”) Scores, sales per square foot metrics, and occupancy metrics

Benchmark performance of existing locations with comprehensive store-specific property results, as well as market research on overall retail sales growth, supply, and relevant demographic trends

Mall Market SnapshotPDF

Better understand competitors by not only mapping their footprint, but also understanding the quality and performance of the properties where they’re located

Broaden your view with comprehensive analysis of major risk factors facing the retail space and in-depth, dedicated research on key trends such as emerging anchor risk

Mall Sector OutlookPDF

Anticipate the impact of ecommerce with customized research studies and ongoing analysis of how ecommerce penetration is impacting retailer, mall, and strip center performance

Ecommerce Special ReportPDF

Gain an informational edge in your negotiations with landlords and mall owners by understanding their priorities and strategies

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The top institutional investors rely on Green Street research

Over 800 reports published annually, covering more than 14 property sectors and 50+ markets

Institutional Quality

Millions of data points and powerful analytical tools at your fingertips

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