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Green Street Advisors provides must-have real estate data and analytics for better decision-making. Our insights help you understand, forecast, and capitalize on changing market conditions.

Green Street Advisors provides premium research and data on the Pan-European real estate markets to help clients optimise their investment decisions. Our unique approach to understanding and uncovering value in the listed and direct real estate space begins with an objective, unbiased view of ever-shifting global real estate markets.

REIT Research

Maximize your investments with our expert insights

Pan-European property market intelligence for an informational edge

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Real Estate Analytics

Gain an informational edge with our proprietary analytics

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Advisory & Consulting

Make better decisions with a team of independent experts on your side

Bespoke solutions for the Pan-European real estate markets

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Dedicated sales & trading team focused on European property stocks

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Over 300 years of collective experience

Expert Insights Drawn from Deep Experience

Our large, experienced analyst team provides views on the global economy, REITs, individual properties and everything in between. Our analysts specialize by property type and move beyond superficial statistical tools to evaluate properties, markets, and companies with depth.

Our senior staff members have more than twenty years of industry experience in Europe and the U.S., providing them with a unique perspective on real estate. We draw from Green Street’s 30-year history analysing REITs and real estate in North America. Our large team covers over 45 listed property companies across 11 sectors in 10 countries of Europe and the U.K.

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A Proven Track Record

22% Average Annualized Return on Buys

For over 20 years, our Buy recommendations for publicly-traded stocks have outperformed our Sells by an average of 21 percentage points each year. Our team of experienced analysts has a proven track record predicting the direction of commercial property and REIT market values.

Green Street is well-known for its detailed research at the company level. Since opening our London office in 2008, our BUY recommendations have consistently outperformed our SELL recommendations.

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Large, specialized and knowledgeable sales & trading team focused on real estate securities

Conflict-free, agency-only trading

Green Street Advisors’ affiliate, Green Street Trading, operates the highest-volume dedicated REIT trading desk in North America. For more information about Green Street Trading and its conflict-free, agency-only approach, please visit the Green Street Trading site.

We do not compete with clients. We do not do proprietary trading, market making or investment banking. Our commitment is to get the best execution and best price possible for our clients.

Green Street Trading

Green Street Trading

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