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06-26-2016Special Report: Wreck-It Brexit7
06-24-2016Weekly Pricing Update - 06/24/20169
06-23-2016Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance22
06-23-2016Rouse Properties (RSE): Dropping Research Coverage4
05-27-2016Weekly Pricing Update - 05/27/20169
05-27-2016Office Sector Update: Smoother Sailing27
05-27-2016Office REITs: Company Snapshots36
05-26-2016Retail Sector: RECONciling Differences – ICSC Recap7
05-26-2016Mall Sector Update: Mixed Signals26
05-26-2016Mall REITs: Company Snapshots22
05-26-2016Health Care Sector Update: The Calm Before the Storm?25
05-26-2016Health Care REITs: Company Snapshots18
05-26-2016Residential Sector Update: The Eye of Supply33
05-26-2016Residential REITs: Company Snapshots28
05-24-2016Heard on the Beach - Risk Hurdles: A Moving Target8
05-24-2016Net-Lease Sector Update: Tenants Start to Take Center Stage27
05-24-2016Net-Lease REITs: Company Snapshots14
05-23-2016Brexit – Special Report: One Month Away…Market Concerns Easing13
05-20-2016Commercial Property Outlook37
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Sector Updates
Health Care & Lab Space 05-26-2016
Industrial 05-16-2016
Lodging 05-18-2016
Mall 05-26-2016
Net Lease 05-24-2016
Office & Data Center 05-27-2016
Residential 05-26-2016
Self Storage 06-02-2016
Strip Center 05-19-2016

Video! Real Estate Disrupters Will Create Opportunities

Published 06/15/2016

In a recent interview, analyst Joi Mar explained why long-term disrupters like driverless cars and online education are not currently being reflected in operating fundamentals and values. Similar to the evolution of eCommerce, “real estate disrupters will create winners and losers, and that creates investment opportunities.”

Property Values Unchanged

Published 06/06/2016

The Green Street Commercial Property Price Index was unchanged in April. Property appreciation has come to a halt this year after property prices posted near-double-digit gains in each of the past few years.

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Retail Discussion at ICSC 2016 with DJ Busch

Published 06/06/2016

Senior analyst DJ Busch was one of twenty retail experts interviewed at the annual International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) RECon convention in Las Vegas. This engaging 15-minute video provides insight on Green Street’s mall quality grades, trends in the industry and how players are adapting to the evolving, omnichannel environment.

How Green Street Advisors determines a REIT’s valuation

Published 04/01/2015

Download Green Street's updated REIT Valuation guide based on its NAV-based pricing model for the general public. The model has been pivotal behind the firm’s superb twenty-year recommendation track record. The guide provides the nuts and bolts of an NAV-based analysis, the factors that impact the premiums at which REITs should trade (franchise value, balance sheet risk, corporate governance, and overhead), and Green Street's relative valuation approach for identifying the most/least attractively valued REITs.

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