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08-29-2016Self-Storage Sector Update: A “Mean” Reversion17
08-29-2016Self-Storage REITs: Company Snapshots12
08-29-2016Health Care Sector Update: Health Exam Underway; More Tests...26
08-29-2016Health Care REITs: Company Snapshots18
07-29-2016Weekly Pricing Update - 07/29/20169
07-27-2016Heard on the Beach - High Priced ≠ Overpriced8
07-27-2016Mall Sector: Decent Start Out of the Gate6
07-26-2016Self-Storage Sector: Introducing the Proprietary Cap Rate Model19
07-25-2016Health Care Sector: Senior Housing: Inaugural Cap-Ex Review18
07-22-2016Weekly Pricing Update - 07/22/20169
07-21-2016Mall Sector: Does Sales Productivity Matter?6
07-20-2016Property Insights – The Bay Area: Raising the Bear Flag16
07-20-2016Apartment and Office REITs: Bay Area Forecast Change Implications7
07-19-2016U.S. Apartment Market Snapshots110
07-19-2016U.S. Industrial Market Snapshots106
07-19-2016U.S. Mall Market Snapshots106
07-19-2016U.S. Office Market Snapshots118
07-19-2016U.S. Strip Center Market Snapshots106
07-19-2016Prologis, Inc. (PLD): The Global Wheels Keep Turning7
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Sector Updates
Health Care & Lab Space 08-29-2016
Industrial 08-23-2016
Lodging 08-16-2016
Mall 08-24-2016
Net Lease 05-24-2016
Office & Data Center 05-27-2016
Residential 08-24-2016
Self Storage 08-29-2016
Strip Center 08-26-2016

Heard on the Beach: High Priced ≠ Overpriced

Published 07/27/2016

Annualized Total Return of REITs and S&P 500 Holding Multiples Constant

REITs trade at 23X earnings; the S&P only 17X. Is this premium valuation warranted? A review of the historic track record suggests it is. REITs have delivered better earnings growth (and better total returns) than the S&P over the past 20 years.

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Property Appreciation Moderates

Published 07/07/2016

The Green Street Commercial Property Price Index increased by 1% in June. Although property appreciation has slowed from the pace of prior years, values have risen 2.5% so far this year.

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Retail Discussion at ICSC 2016 with DJ Busch

Published 06/06/2016

Senior analyst DJ Busch was one of twenty retail experts interviewed at the annual International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) RECon convention in Las Vegas. This engaging 15-minute video provides insight on Green Street’s mall quality grades, trends in the industry and how players are adapting to the evolving, omnichannel environment.

How Green Street Advisors determines a REIT’s valuation

Published 04/01/2015

Download Green Street's updated REIT Valuation guide based on its NAV-based pricing model for the general public. The model has been pivotal behind the firm’s superb twenty-year recommendation track record. The guide provides the nuts and bolts of an NAV-based analysis, the factors that impact the premiums at which REITs should trade (franchise value, balance sheet risk, corporate governance, and overhead), and Green Street's relative valuation approach for identifying the most/least attractively valued REITs.

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