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Green Street Atlas

Commercial Real Estate Analytics Platform with Interactive Mapping

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Easily Compare and Underwrite Commercial Real Estate Investments Across Geographies and Property Sectors

Atlas, a Real Estate Analytics product, offers a seamless way to access Green Street’s proprietary data on fundamentals and valuation as well as macroeconomic, demographic, and commercial property intelligence.

Key Features

  • Intuitive interface covering the top 50 markets, 700 submarkets, and 6,000 zip codes
  • Commercial real estate market overviews providing key metrics such as proprietary grades, cap rates, rent and occupancy levels, and expected returns
  • Property sales transaction database currently offering over 200,000 transactions going back 15+ years

Green Street Atlas can help you:

Efficiently screen and evaluate markets with high-quality, standardized data sets on operating fundamentals and relative valuation.

Deep dive into a specific property with Green Street market and submarket ranks and transaction history. Identify comparable properties with SmartComps™.

Quickly and easily print market, property, and customized sales comp reports, and download data straight to Excel.

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