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Green Street Spot NAVs: A Leading Indicator of Property Value Inflection Points

London, United Kingdom – 9th April: Green Street Advisors UK releases a new special report which analyses the firm’s proprietary Spot NAVs versus company-reported NAVs and reveals intriguing results for investors. Green Street’s Spot NAVs are quicker to identify inflection points, having generally led company-reported figures by six months.

Green Street’s Spot NAVs Diverge from Company-Reported NAVs in Europe
NAV Growth Indexes for Green Street Covered Companies (May ’14 = 100)

Green Street Spot NAVs also boosted REIT stock-picking performance because they contain valuable information not yet factored into stock prices. The report highlights how Green Street Spot NAV provided insight on both the direction and the magnitude of subsequent reported-NAV changes.

Private equity investors and capital market participants can also benefit from heeding the signals from Green Street Spot NAV estimates. In most privatisation or public-to-public M&A activity over the past decade, Green Street Spot NAVs proved better predictors of takeout prices in M&A situations than company-reported NAVs.

Green Street Advisors NAV valuations have long been the gold-standard of REIT intrinsic value in the United States. This study demonstrates how the firm’s European Spot NAVs are a valuable tool that public and private market investors can use to enhance decision-making. Click here to download the full Green Street report on Spot NAVs.


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