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Green Street Releases New Report and Grading System with Launch of Atlas - an Interactive Mapping and Analytics Platform


Newport Beach, CA - March 9, 2018: Green Street is pleased to announce the launch of Atlas, the largest enhancement to date for the firm’s Real Estate Analytics product suite. With this rollout, Green Street publishes a special report that highlights how the Atlas platform can be used by both public and private commercial real estate investors to make more informed decisions. The special report - based on the Atlas grading system of 6,000 zip codes - reveals that New York office values look 20% overpriced relative to West Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Atlas grading system incorporates metrics believed to be the dominant drivers of long-term rent growth and it allows a systematic way to assess relative growth prospects across markets, submarkets, and zip codes. The report shows how these growth forecasts can be paired with Green Street’s proprietary cap rate estimates to calculate internal rates of return (IRRs) and spot relative mispricing in private market values. Likewise, public market players can use market IRRs to evaluate REIT portfolio IRRs and spot instances where net asset value (NAV) may be amiss.

press-release-market-grades-image-website“Green Street has had success at sector picking through our IRR-based sector allocation framework,” says Andy McCulloch, Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics. “We have long aspired to extend that valuation framework down to the market level to help real estate investors make bets geographically.”

“Atlas is our most sophisticated product offering to date from a technology standpoint and a quantum leap forward in our analytical platform,” says McCulloch. The “smattering of inefficiencies” on display in private-market valuations creates mispricing among sectors and markets and therefore presents opportunity for investors armed with the best data and insights to reap outsized returns.

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