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New 2017 Mall Tenant Turnover Analysis from Green Street's Advisory & Consulting Group Reveals Overlooked Retailer Risk


Newport Beach, CA – January 17, 2018: Green Street’s Advisory & Consulting Group released a new white paper 2017 Mall Tenant Turnover Analysis, which examines retailer in-line tenants at U.S. malls, revealing trends and underlying risks.

Although department store struggles continue to dominate headlines, they provide only a small portion of a mall’s net operating income (NOI) because many anchor tenants own their stores or pay little-to-no rent. In-line tenants on the other hand, have an outsized impact on mall NOI, and their performance offers a preferred indicator of mall health.

A wide range of retailers have been downsizing or closing their entire brick-and-mortar footprint, and while some of these brands have publicized their closures, others have been doing so more quietly by choosing not to renew expiring leases. Given that in-line tenants have a higher rent per square foot burden and shorter lease terms, these trends will often occur long before any anchor store closing announcements.

Green Street’s Advisory & Consulting Group analyzed 950 mall locations, 230 of which were collateralized within commercial mortgage-backed securities loans. Download the white paper for valuable insight on 300 key national tenants, the top 25 net-closing and net-opening retailers, CMBS mall trends and risk from unannounced store closures.

Green Street's Advisory and Consulting Group mall turnover analysis white paper


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