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Alexa…Buy Whole Foods

Alexa…Buy Whole Foods

The full version of this strip center report published on June 21, 2017

Amazon (AMZN), the leading online retailer in the world, recently agreed to acquire organic grocer Whole Foods (WFM) for ~$14 billion. The deal is not final, but if it goes through, it will be the largest acquisition that the online retail…logistics…technology…movie/TV series-making company has made to date. The implications of the impending deal are vast and are likely to reach across many industries – most importantly the already uber-competitive and low-margin grocery business. Green Street does not formally cover the technology titan, but its strategic maneuvers are closely monitored given the significant repercussions across commercial real estate. Amazon has generally had the Midas touch. But the bet it is making on Whole Foods is a big one and the risks should not be dismissed. What if, how sacrilegious to say, what if Amazon is just not good at the store-based grocery game?

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